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Spiritual Life Coaching & Kauai Healing Retreats Kauai
  Website: www.truefreedomcoaching.com

Contact: Anandra George
E-mail: info@truefreedomcoaching.com
Phone: (808) 440-0691

Address - Map & Directions
Kolo Road
Kilauea, HI 96754

Island: Kauai

Service Area: All Islands, by Skype Online Video or Phone

Do you want to transform your life? Soul Evolution Coaching with Anandra George can help you establish a conscious direct connection with your inherent divine nature, for guidance, understanding, and expansion. Each session is uniquely inspiring, and may include practical coaching, energy work, guided meditation, or prescriptive mantras & yoga for specific healing purposes. By phone or in person.


Do you want to...
-Liberate yourself from the proverbial fishbowl?
-Receive unmistakable guidance from your soul?
-Craft your life to best utilize your inherent gifts?
-Resolve personal & relationship issues with grace?

Are you…
Experiencing a transition in your life?
Wanting to bring more of your whole self into conscious expression?
Feeling “the quickening” of your thoughts into manifestation?
Choosing to live the healthiest, most joyful life you can imagine?

Areas of coaching, counseling, therapy, and mentoring:
Coaching to identify life purpose & ideal career
Mentoring for spiritually gifted children & young adults
Higher Self Connection Training
Relationship coaching
Guidance counseling through spiritual/emotional/physical crisis
Meditation instruction for stress release and deep relaxation
Examining, uplifting, and healing depression without medication
Personal Dispute Mediation
Couples Dialog Therapy
Mantra Therapy for personal transformation
Yoga therapy for physical, mental, emotional & spiritual ailments (200 hour RYT)

What are the typical results for clients?
Frequent urges to express joy and happiness.
A sudden sense that they're a better person.
A better understanding of what motivates them.
The ability to connect more deeply to their loved ones.
Increased creativity and higher mental activity.
A feeling that everything in their life is exactly as it should be.

The results come from:
Experiencing a direct, tangible connection with your Higher Self (depending on your spiritual tradition you may call this greater spiritual being that you are a part of your Angels, Godself, etc.).
Seeing your current issues from a higher, broader perspective.
Engaging healthy, fulfilling relationship patterns.
Expanding your power to attract the experiences your heart most desires.
Learning how to truly communicate, to truly commune with your loved ones.
Connecting with your loved ones' Higher Selves (children, partners, colleagues) for guidance and clarity on how best to relate to them.
Liberating yourself from limiting belief systems that resulted from past traumas.
Unleashing your creative self and do what you love to do.

Who do I coach/mentor/counsel?
Healers & Therapists
Young Adults

What do ideal clients have in common?
A desire to be happier. The willingness to look at things differently. The motivation to act on a new inner direction.

What are some of the issues clients come with?
“I’m going through a transition and need help aligning with my highest purpose and focusing it into action.”
“I am sensing that something is off, but I don’t know what it is.”
“My relationships are following the same pattern over and over again, and I want a breakthrough.”
“I am not sure what to do with my life – I don’t feel that what I’m doing now is satisfying.”
“I have a personal habit that I want to change, and I’ve tried before, but I keep doing it.”
“I have inklings of my soul/higher self every now and then, but I want to be able to access that consciousness at will.”
“I just want support to be my best self, and my friends & family expect me to be how I was, not necessarily who I am now.”

Credentials and Experience Over 10 years of private practice with clients from all over the globe. Former Program Director, Curriculum Co-Developer, and Instructor from the Sacred Arts Institute, an adult school for meditation, higher consciousness, and the healing arts. Intensive multi-faith spiritual development with leaders from the Christian, Hindu, Buddhist, New Age, Native American, Jewish and Muslim communities. Ordained as an Interfaith Minister. 200 hour Registered Yoga Teacher. Certified Teacher of Mantra through the Sanatana Dharma foundation.

What it's like to work with me I offer a direct, common sense approach to emotional, mental, and spiritual transformation. We'll focus on the "here and now" to get to the root of your problems, and find the simplest solution to them. The simplest solution usually comes from broadening your perspective to achieve greater understanding of how and why things are the way they are. Be prepared to have an open mind and to look at a bigger picture than you're accustomed to.

Special Coaching Focus: I love working with young adults to help them create their best life. If you are a young person (15-30) and would like coaching, please contact me. If you have a child, niece or nephew, or special young friend you'd like to support, please contact me as well.

True Freedom Coaching - Client Comments
“Since our first session of the series, I can feel the inner wisdom that’s been there all along embodying. Things are matching up at every level in my life. I have a new level of clarity about who I really am. I am starting to understand at a core level that the thing I thought was a ‘problem’ I needed to get over has ultimately served me well. This deep relief has freed things up for me immensely.” -ES, Kilauea, 4-Part Series client October ‘08

“Every time I come away from our sessions, I get these gems that are just perfect for me and they really work. It feels like exactly what I need- the way you say it really meets me where I am. I feel faith in myself to get the answers, where I felt totally lost and panicked before. I have been able to do the meditations you showed me and get guidance. I’ve tried so many times to get to the bottom of these issues. Why didn’t I meet you 10 years ago? I don’t know, but I’m excited that the time is now to make these major shifts within myself.” K.L., 4-Part Series client October ‘08

“The way you’re able to pinpoint exactly what’s going on, and help me see how to shift it in myself, is amazing. I had no idea I was going to experience such a powerful healing! You totally nailed it and have helped me not just see a new way through issues I’ve been stuck on my whole life, but to actually experience FREEDOM from them. I feel like a totally different person than I was before our first session.” K.L., 4-Part Series client October ‘08

“I'm working with the meditations and it is REALLY helping. I am definately going through some major shifts right now. Thank you so much for all your loving support and help!” K.L., 4-Part Series client October ‘08

“The Buzz about your sessions is Buzzworthy! I feel so reminded at the core level of Truth. I can feel it saturating my consciousness, and my fears are being replaced by a deeper resolution of what’s Real.” -H.N., 4-Part Series client October ‘08

“I felt drawn to you because I can tell you’re focused on empowering me. The session we had was amazing. Thank you!” -E.R., 4-Part Series client October ‘08

Ready to start? Need more info? Call 808-440-0691 to schedule or visit my website www.truefreedomcoaching.com.





私のサイト( www.truefreedomcoaching.com )から

料金:1.5 時間 = 15,000円/(通訳付き)19,000 円

料金:1.5 時間 = 15,000円 お客様は、話す必要が無いので、通訳は必要ありま

料金:3 時間 = 28,000円/(通訳付き)32,000円

「 驚きの人生変革の4パートシリーズ」を通しての魂発達の為のライフコーチ
料金:4 回 X 1.5 時間のセッション = ディスカウントで50,000円/(通訳付き)

感じます。About.comの「Ask a Life Coach」を通じて、プロとして世界中の
で頂けることもあります。皆様のお力になって人生 を洗練し、可能性を十分





Teaching Mantras in Tokyo Interview:


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